Gene Optimization Program – FAQs

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of how your genes respond to your environment, nutritional status, stress level, exercise and sleep. By understanding YOUR specific genetic chemical makeup you can remove the guess work out of your lifestyle choices.

How will the Gene Optimization Program help me?

Have you ever wondered why the latest new supplement or diet plan doesn’t work for you? In fact why does it make you feel worse?

The information you receive from the testing will help guide you in decisions about YOUR health to minimize risk of disease and increase vitality and longevity. Having insight into what foods, type of exercise and supplements will work BEST for YOU is immeasurable!

How does the test work?

A simple cheek swab is all that is necessary to collect the genetic sample for testing.

Once received by the lab it will undergo testing for specific genetic markers shown to be associated with specific epigenetic presentations. After testing is completed your results will be reviewed to you in a comprehensive consultation visit.

I’ve already done genetic testing, why do I need this one?

If you don’t feel as healthy as you could be then yes! This testing helps to focus on areas you can take control of to optimize your health. It tests specific genetic markers not tested in most other tests.

What happens to personal data – Is it secure?

Unlike Direct-to-Consumer tests which sell your data to pharmaceutical companies, this company uses a bar code and email address to track kits and results and is intended for clinical use and application. Raw data information is only stored in the database for 90 days and can be deleted sooner if you request.

In addition, the results will be stored on the patient care portal designed for medical information use and accessible to you via your secure portal link.

How is this different from 23andME or other consumer genetic tests?

This test is a carefully planned proprietary screening profile which tests more than 120,000 SNPs (genetic markers) than any other consumer test currenlty on the market.

In addition to the actual test, a comprehensive consultation visit to go over your test results is included in the program. Having a one-on-one session with a highly trained person in which you can interact and ask questions is a key component to the program.

Will this test tell me I have a disease or how long I will live?

This test cannot provide a diagnosis or how long you will live.

What is the cost and what does it include?

The current introductory rate is $999.00. This includes the genetic test, a comprehensive review of the results and current health information, and a 2 hour consultation appointment with a review all results and information. This introductory rate is only good until the end of 2023.

Further appointments can be made if requested on an hourly rate basis.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans can be arranged. This can all be discussed in the free Gene Optimization Program consultation visit. What are you waiting for, sign up now before the price goes up.